Thanks to the guys at Hoekstra Landscaping, our clients are now enjoying a flourishing seaside garden.

FytoFlakes were mixed into the soil before planting. After a few months, the results were undeniable: a perfect, vibrant green in hard conditions. Note the even growth, which is characteristic of FytoFlakes.



On the left: a freshly planted hedge. The goal here was to achieve compact, even and full growth. Check the results on the right.

You can make this happen in your garden as well, with easy-to-use FytoProducts that deliver long-lasting results. Invest now!


Without FytoFlakes

With FytoFlakes!

Could it be more clear?

Normal soil on the left


FytoFlakes on the right.

What a difference!


On the right: planting day.



a few months later. 100% of all plants survived the first harsh months.


Our FytoFlakes ensure fast-growing and flourishing plants and trees in your garden!


This project at Delfins Resort on Bonaire is another inspiring success. Look how beautifully these plants are growing.

Thanks to our stock of freshly produced FytoFlakes, we can provide fast delivery to Bonaire. Check our social media accounts for more great results.

Without FytoFlakes

With FytoFlakes!

Want a golf course at home?

No problem! 


FytoFlakes let you achieve this within just three months. Even hilltops - where moisture usually doesn’t stay long - remain green. And they only need a minimum of water.

Look at our farmers grow!
Many different types of fruit trees and veggies thrive with FytoFlakes.

Get 30% more yield in flowers, leaves and vegetables, thanks to a fine network of roots and the generous amount of air that is always available to your plant or tree. For fast results, get FytoFlakes!

Here’s how you plant with FytoFlakes:
mix a ‘gutter’ of soil and FytoFlakes together. Make sure to wet it. Then plant your plants inside this gutter. This will result in a beautiful hedge with a lot of green and flowers.

Magic? No, this is pure science.

Thanks to the open-cell structure within the flake, the water molecule can enter very easily, but gets trapped inside. Even gravity cannot get it out. Besides water, the flake also traps oxygen. This is a must, because your plant breathes through its roots.


Make it easier for your plant to breathe and drink: get FytoFlakes!

What FytoFlakes do?
They have the power to go against gravity and distribute water evenly throughout your soil. Thanks to this superpower, your plant can grow roots like never before. Healthier roots equal more leaves and flowers to feast your eyes on. So invest in the roots of your plant and get highly satisfying results year-round.

Beach Plants

Private beach with fast-growing plants?


No problem. Normal plants have a hard time growing in fine sand because it doesn’t hold water at all. Thanks to FytoFlakes, you can grow in loose sand, clay-type soil or other difficult types of soil.
Get growing, get FytoFlakes!


Amazing root growth in our FytoPlugs, which let you skip 3 months on your growth cycle. It’s easy to do: simply cut a leaf off an adult plant, insert it into a FytoPlug and start growing FAST!