FytoPlugs Substrate

FytoPlugs Substrate


FytoPlug Substrate is a lightweight (but very sturdy) sponge-like substance that provides the perfect soil for all your plants. Just like FytoFlakes, it’s an aminoplast resin, entirely composed of organic elements. Their open cell structure provides FytoPlugs with high water absorption capacity and air permeability, which ensures great air and water management. This leads to improved water and nutrient absorption by seeds and plants, which in turn results in excellent germination and root development. In simpler terms: grow it before you know it!

FytoPlugs are separate plugs that form the perfect base for all your seeds and cuttings. Every plug has room for one seed or cutting and can be transplanted into any soil.To make the plugs ready for use, it is essential to prepare them in a mixture of FytoBooster Organic Immune System Improver and water.

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