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Flakes made of a lightweight but very stable, sponge-like substance that provides the perfect soil for all your plants. FytoFlakes are locally produced on the Caribbean island of Curaçao.

What are FytoFlakes?

FytoFlakes are advanced, eco-friendly flakes that hold water and oxygen, keeping you and your plants happy. With less water, less effort and more growth.

FytoFlakes are locally produced on the Caribbean island of Curaçao and made of a lightweight but very stable, sponge-like substance that provides the perfect soil for all your plants. It’s an aminoplast resin, exclusively composed of organic elements.

Why use FytoFlakes?

More roots and flowers for your plant 

Its open cell structure provides FytoFlakes with great water absorption capacity and air permeability, which ensures superb air and water management.
This leads to improved water and nutrient absorption by your plants, which results in excellent root development. It is precisely this strong root system that stores energy and gives you more flowers and leaves.
Simply put: more roots, more flowers. A simple investment that will vastly improve your garden.

How do I use FytoFlakes?

Mix FytoFlakes with potting or gardening soil to significantly increase soil and growth quality.
Use a mixture of 70% potting or gardening soil and 30% FytoFlakes for guaranteed results. Or choose to use FytoFlakes stand-alone, without any soil added.
See Manuals for more info.


Due to its unique structure, FytoFlakes will hold water and always preserves oxygen. When mixed into your soil the roots will be attracted to the flake. This develops a fine root network that RESULTS in a STRONG and FAST growing plant.

Benefits of FytoFlakes

  • You’ll enjoy stronger, richer plants

    The water-holding properties result in more robust blooms along with denser foliage.

    Because FytoFlakes create a strong, fine network of roots, you will experience a fast-growing garden with a lot of dark green leaves and big flower heads.


  • You’ll use less water

    FytoFlakes improve the absorption and water-holding ability of the soil or potting mix, meaning that you’ll use up to 50% less water, depending on conditions and plant species. When water comes into contact with FytoFlakes, it is absorbed instantly and retained within the roots.


  • FytoFlakes ALWAYS hold oxygen

    Thanks to FytoFlakes’ open-cell structure, oxygen is always available to your roots, especially in heavy clay or sandy limestone soils. When there are heavy rains or any other kind of unfavorable impact on your soil, your plants will still keep growing.


  • You’ll need less fertilizer

    Nutrients are absorbed in the open cell structure of FytoFlakes and then gradually released, reducing fertilizer leaching out. Though FytoFlakes is not a fertilizer, it has the capacity, like no other, to hold nutrient levels from the added fertilizer, especially nitrogen and potassium.


  • FytoFlakes are biodegradable and environmentally safe
    FytoFlakes break down in the soil over a 7-year plus period. FytoFlakes will not change the chemical balance of your soil (the pH).

Start your green journey, order a bag of FytoFlakes today!

FytoFlakes Substrate

FytoFlakes Substrate